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Team over self; the foundation of high performance teams.

What's the difference between your business and a top performing sports team?

It's as simple as sports teams, it is obvious that the goal is for the TEAM to be successful. Individual glory at the expense of the team is meaningless.

Because of this:

1. Team members sacrifice themselves for the group.

2. There is a pervasive culture of team over self.

3. Highly talented individuals who don't serve the team are quickly weeded out.

It's actually pretty common in the military too...from the time your head is shaved and you receive your first uniform, the organisation is reinforcing the idea that the individual is nothing; the team is everything.

This philosophy of team over self is EXACTLY what we want out of our business teams. The best corporate teams around the world are made up of highly motivated individuals who go the extra mile for their organisation.

As leaders, if we want to build this same environment, we have to jump first. We can't wait for this to develop organically.

- Sacrifice yourself for the team and the organisation (lead by example).

- Cultivate a strong culture; give your staff something they can't find elsewhere. Social events and unique traditions are a great place to start.

- At every opportunity, speak publicly about how proud you are of your team, and what it means to be a part of the tribe.

Team over self.

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