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Air Force fighter squadrons are teams in a relentless search for improvement.  Sound familiar?

I leverage my background as a fighter pilot to help leaders build exceptional operating environments.

Air Force fighter squadrons are true high performance organisations and have many similarities to elite motorsport teams.


There has historically been very little collaboration; this is a unique advantage available to your garage...


Richardson HPS motosport solutions offer your team an advantage not available to the rest of the paddock. 


I specialise in analysing and strengthening the following areas: 


  • Organisational Culture

    • Create a hyper-motivated and cohesive team who strive to achieve your organisation's goals.

  • People

    • Build an environment where every team member is continually growing and improving. Empower your people to fight for flawless execution. 

  • Processes

    • Refine every process inside your garage. Communications protocols, debriefing, human factors and more! 


Please contact me directly to discuss options for your team.

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