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How many 'extra 1%'s are waiting to be found in your team?

Air Force fighter squadrons are teams in a relentless search for improvement.  Sound familiar?

I leverage my background as a fighter pilot to help leaders build exceptional operating environments.

Air Force fighter squadrons are true high performance organisations and have many similarities to elite motorsport teams.


There has historically been very little collaboration; this is a unique advantage available to your garage...


As a team principal, you have many competing priorities; all are important, and all require world-class outcomes. 

Richardson HPS motorsport solutions focus on working closely with you to continually analyse and refine the race team's operating environment. 30 years of experience in high performance aviation and military teams are brought to bear aiming to produce the best team environment on the planet.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Aligning and strengthening organisational culture;

  • Delegation models (from 'command and control' to 'mission command');

  • Building psychological safety;

  • Manipulation of latent authority gradients extant in different cultures;

  • Human factors elements including checklists and use of standard operating procedures;

  • Debriefing protocols;

  • Mental rehearsal;

  • Handling of error;

  • Communications procedures;

  • Standardisation of radio phraseology and reduction of ambiguity in transmissions.


Please contact me directly to discuss options for your team.

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