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High Performance Communications

If you lead a high performance team, you will be constantly searching for marginal gains. Communications is a vast landscape inside our operating environment; here are three specific areas to search for improvement:

  1. Keywords. These are carefully defined words which have a specific meaning when used in a specific operational context. They reduce ambiguity and the time taken for transmissions.

  2. Standard message formatting. If your team has routine information which needs to be passed, construct a standard format. This decreases ambiguity, and lets the receiver know what to expect, leading to fewer errors in message interpretation.

  3. Codewords. Take every opportunity to deny your adversaries knowledge of your operations. Codewords are short-term, carefully defined words with a specific meaning, and we've been using these in the military for centuries (probably millenia). Whilst they mean something to your team, no-one else knows what the hell you are talking about!!!

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