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Be bold. Step up.

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As a motivated and successful professional, you don't need a coach.
You are competent and committed, but what got you here won't get you where you want to go. 
The research is clear; to continually grow, high performers use high performing coaches.
My tailored programs focus on the following areas:
  • Leadership Support and Development
  • Goal Formulation and Strategies
  • Communications 
How we work together.

Based on the distance between your present trajectory and your ideal future, there are three ways for us to work together:

A single 'deep-dive' session, 

A four month coaching engagement, and

The Wingman program.  (See below.)
The Richardson HPS Wingman program is designed to give you unparalleled growth; it's like having a personal trainer for your professional life. 
​Wingman clients have my 30 years of leadership experience on call, 24/7. Whether you are looking for mindset change, skillset addition, or simply the confidence to 'step up, I commit to supporting you; just like an air force wingman.

Your program begins with a professionally administered 15FQ+ strengths assessment designed to give us focus areas for your growth.

Together we develop a tailored strategy for your unique situation. You have access to:
  • Unlimited performance coaching,
  • On-call mentoring, and
  • Deep dives into individual and group performance.

Wingman is designed to fit into your busy schedule; flexible timings and venues convenient to you. You choose from two formats; month by month (opt in and out at any time), or a 12 month program.

Due to the resource intensive nature of Wingman, places are strictly limited. Please contact me for program availability and cost.
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Hornet Planform.jpg
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