How much of your potential is unrealised?

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I am an independant, unbiased partner helping you identify and change limiting behaviours. 

My background as an F/A-18 fighter pilot means I understand the commitment required to achieve exciting goals.

My three decades of leading high performance teams means I can help you build an exceptional environment for your staff.

My 20 years juggling a career with parenthood means I understand your need to balance work and private life.
Performance coaching is carried out 'face to face' in Hong Kong, or via zoom for international clients, and three month packages begin at USD$2,400.

Coaching is a relationship built on trust; please feel welcome to book a free consultation to discover if I can have the impact you are looking for.
The 'Wingman' Leadership Program

An air force wingman flies close enough to provide support, but far enough away to allow room to manoeuvre.

'Wingman'  is a six month leadership development program; a highly-personalised and exclusive service aiming to build exceptional leaders.  Each month you will enjoy two leadership master classes and two performance coaching sessions, supplemented by an on-call mentoring service.

Wingman program availability is limited. Please contact Jason for program cost.

Unless you are prepared to start officer training in the military, there is no faster or more effective way to improve your leadership. 

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Hornet Planform.jpg