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Performance Hack - Habits, not resolutions!

This year, do away with ‘Resolutions’ and try a ‘New Year’s Habit’.

Resolutions are like gazing at a beautiful painting of our future selves. Whilst we look at the painting, we are filled with hope and feel the motivation to make change. Then, we walk away and become immersed in our busy lives. A month later, we are visiting the painting less and less. 6 months later it has become a shameful memory.

The problem is, we haven’t introduced a pathway between our current selves and the painting. This is where habits come in.

By introducing a well thought out habit, everyday our reflection in the mirror will look more and more like 'the ideal self' we see in the painting.

There are thousands of powerful are three random examples. Have a think how they might help you...

1. I plan my day while drinking my morning coffee.

2. I always eat slowly and stop as soon as I feel full.

3. I begin every meeting by admitting a mistake.

As we stride into the unknown of 2022, try picking up a habit or two.

Let me know how it goes!

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