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Leadership Hack - Leading when you are grumpy.

It’s Monday…don’t want to be at work? Try these 3 things if you need to lead whilst moody!

(Let’s be clear…I’m talking about having an 'off day', not being a 'chronic a**hole'. If you ARE a chronic a**hole, I have some advice for you at the end of the blog.)

In order of priority:

1. Change your mood. Mentally; decide that you've been grumpy for long enough, and that you are now happy. Physically; force a ‘whole face smile’ (smile with your eyes too) for 60 seconds while looking in the mirror (a well-researched method - look it up).

2. Let your staff know you aren’t feeling your normal ‘chipper’ self. This has two benefits…firstly, your staff will like the fact that you care enough to tell them. Secondly, it introduces a ‘vulnerability loop’…showing your team that you are vulnerable is a very powerful mechanism which is present in the best performing teams. No time to discuss why now…maybe in a future blog.

3. Delegate….pass the leadership ‘hat’ to someone else. You can wear your command and management hats while being grumpy, but leading will be more difficult. Take the opportunity to let your 2IC (second in command) run the meeting…everyone will appreciate it.

For the chronic a**holes…I recommend two courses of action:

1. Become a ’non-a**hole’, or

2. Resign from all present leadership positions and avoid all future ones.

If you are self-aware enough to realise that you are a**hole (or enough people have told you) and you like it that way, please stop leading people. Resign, and avoid all future positions in the workplace which require you to interact. Tuck yourself away in a room can still contribute and be productive, but PLEASE...avoid being a boss!

The impact we as leaders have over the lives of our staff extends way beyond the workplace. It affects our team’s relationships with friends and family, feelings of worth, sense of fulfilment and well-being.

Let’s use this power for good!

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