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What is the root system supporting your leadership?

Our values and beliefs form the root structure from which our leadership capability grows.

Leadership skills and techniques are the branches and leaves.

If the root system is not sound, you will always struggle to apply your leadership skills effectively.

"Leadership is the art of positively motivating a group to achieve a common goal."

What values and beliefs form the root system to support high quality leadership?

Things like:

  • Every human life is immensely valuable.

  • "Greater love hath no man than this; to lay down his life for his friends."

  • Every member of my team has almost infinite potential.

If this is the root system, then leadership skills and techniques like communication methods, coaching and building intrinsic motivation will be applied with great success.

A weak leadership root system may be made up of beliefs like this:

  • I'm the boss, so I go first.

  • The winner takes all.

  • Life is a zero sum game.

  • When I get the 'right' people, I can lead effectively.

With this foundation, no number of courses or coaching will produce an effective leader. The root system needs to change.

Our beliefs and values first form during childhood. Parents, religion and school teachers all influence this paradigm through which we see the world. To change the paradigm is possible, but requires deliberate effort over a period of months.

What does your leadership root system look like?

Are there beliefs and values which do not serve you anymore?

What are you willing to change?

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