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The scrubbing brush.

How my leadership training began...

Why does military training inevitably begin with scrubbing brushes?

The hardships of basic military training gives a baseline of self-discipline, physical fitness and attention to detail, but one of the most important and overriding goals is to break down the individual, and to build up teams.

Through a variety of very well tested means, the military shows new recruits that it is the performance of their section, platoon or squad which counts...if one person fails a shoe inspection, EVERYONE pays the price. To demonstrate that everyone is 'equally worthless' (to quote Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in 'Full Metal Jacket'), heads are shaved, and new recruits all wear the same bland clothing. It doesn't matter if you graduated from the most prestigious private school, or arrived from the smallest country is ONLY your ability to 'fit in' and perform as a team which counts...

...kind of like business these days.

Teams are the future - we aren't managing factory assembly lines anymore...businesses are comprised of small groups, often functioning semi-autonomously in the pursuit of common goals. Through investing in quality leadership training and by prioritizing leadership performance over technical prowess, we will ensure our business is propelled by team synergy...the engine for success in the digital age.

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