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Run towards the threat.

Run towards the threat.

David ran towards Goliath; he ran towards the threat. Goliath was an immensely capable and highly trained warrior. David didn't underestimate the challenge; part of the beauty of Michelangelo's famous sculpture is the concern captured in David's face as he contemplates the task ahead.

As a fighter pilot flying combat air patrol, my formation and I would wait until enemy fighters reached a certain range from us. We would then 'commit'. The formation lead would call "GATE GO", at which point all four fighters would select full afterburner, climb, and fly straight towards the threat. We didn't underestimate the challenge, but we committed to meeting it. We committed to dealing with it.

Goliath wasn't David's first challenge. He had dealt with the predators that had come after his flocks of sheep many times before. He started with small challenges, and progressively became more and more capable by meeting incrementally more difficult ones.

Fighter pilots also start by meeting smaller threats. Over time, we learn to engage every threat aircraft presented, and before long, we will select afterburner and commit towards even the most deadly.

It's only by continually meeting challenges that we expand our capability. High performers seek out the hard times. As the stoics say, 'The obstacle is the way'.

We all have challenges. Start small, and make it your habit to meet them.

Run towards the threat.

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