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Leadership Hack - Motivating Your Team

You’ve just come up with a great idea? Guess what: your team doesn’t care.

And why should they?

How much time do you spend pondering that question?

The following scenario is endemic:

You stand in front of your team with your ‘command hat’ on. You confidently explain your idea then direct the necessary action.

You then change to your ‘management hat’. You set objectives, provide resources and monitor progress.

Then, yet again, you are dismayed by the lack of commitment to your wonderful innovation. You make a note to speak to the HR manager about recruiting ‘better people’.

If you had put on your ‘leadership hat’, you would have spent time asking “What’s in it for them? Why should they care? How will this make their life better?”

Extrinsic motivation works in the military and in prison. For a while. But it will not work in a modern corporate setting…

Effective leaders find ways to intrinsically motivate staff. They sell their ideas in language that matters to the TEAM.

What’s in it for them…?

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