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Leadership Hack - How to say thank you.

Chinese New Year has arrived again…cue a thousand bosses composing emails thanking their staff for their efforts during the ‘Year of the Ox’.

The way we show appreciation lies on a spectrum. Down one end is a group email; perhaps the laziest way of thanking our team. Because there is virtually no effort on our part, the strength of the gratitude message is very weak. Worse, the email may actually be resented, and reinforce to our team that their efforts don’t really matter.

At the other end? Well, the sky is the limit. Remember: more effort or sacrifice from us, the stronger the message of appreciation.

Picture sitting at your desk and your boss walks down the hall, knocks on your door and hand delivers a personal thank you note for the ‘great job you did in closing the deal last week’. What does that feel like?

Simple acts like this send a strong message because our boss has SACRIFICED his time and has expended some EFFORT.

When thanking your team, you have a powerful opportunity to show them how much they are valued. Don’t waste it.

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