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Focus on behaviour not outcomes.

Consistent success over the long term comes from exceptional behaviour. Sometimes, we will execute flawlessly, but factors outside our control will lead to undesirable outcomes; DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS!!!

Four reasons why you should focus on behaviour, not outcomes:

  1. You have limited resources; don't waste time worrying or attempting to manage factors outside your control.

  2. A focus on outcomes can mask dysfunction. You MUST resist the temptation to celebrate success which comes from poor behaviour. (Of course, this means you must debrief EVERYTHING you do to determine why the outcome occurred!)

  3. Motivation. If you only celebrate and reward your team after achieving desirable outcomes, you will suffer badly during periods of undesirable outcome. Far better to benchmark the ideal behaviour you desire, then reward that when it occurs. The wins will come eventually!

  4. As the stoics said, "Concentrate on shooting well. What happens after the arrow leaves your bow is none of your concern." Long term success comes from consistent exceptional execution. Make this your aim!

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