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Employees leave their boss, not their job...

Gallup's monumental 2021 study of Global Workplaces found that Hong Kong has the third worst employee engagement on the planet! Only 7% of Hong Kong employees are engaged, compared with an already dismal global average of 20%.

Think of your competitive edge if you solve this...

Think of the reduction in turnover costs

Think of the increase in productivity

A recent Dale Carnegie Training White Paper states that the most influential factor affecting employee engagement is the relationship with the direct supervisor. The immediate boss. Not the manager twice removed up the chain of command. Not the collective leadership of the C Suite.

The direct supervisor.

Team leaders are CRITICALLY important in employees' feeling of well being, motivation and engagement to the organisation.

CEOs can spend as much money as they like on cultural transformation, but unless the organisation focuses on building exceptional leaders (not exceptional managers), there is little net effect on engagement.

Look at your turnover costs...research shows quite clearly that those costs are directly related to the quality of leadership within your organisation.

The cost of replacing an employee starts at 20% of annual salary for junior staff, and can climb to 200% for CEO equivalents. Growing high quality, empathetic leaders is perhaps the biggest opportunity for Hong Kong businesses to reduce costs.

People leave their boss, not their job.

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