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Building Loyalty

Employee engagement across the globe is currently around 20%*. If you are working in Hong Kong, it's amongst the worst on the planet at a dismal 6%.

Think about that; if you randomly select 100 employees from businesses in Hong Kong, it is likely that 94 of them are disengaged, unmotivated and looking to leave.

The relationship between an employee and his/her direct supervisor has been identified as the strongest influence on employee engagement**, so what can we do as leaders?

Here's two ways which are incredibly powerful:

1. Sacrifice for your team.

2. Ensure that if your team members are exposed to risk, you are personally exposed to at least as much.

Your team WILL notice, and they WILL feel loyal towards you.

Conversely, if you don't sacrifice for your people, and if you mitigate risk to yourself but leave your team exposed, your team WILL repay you.

*Gallup 2021 State of the Global Workplace report

**Carnegie Institute White Paper on Employee Engagement

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