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The best operators are also the safest operators...
Investing in training your teams will:
Reduce down time
Avoid workplace injuries
Increase productivity


Richardson HPS brings decades of experience in commercial aviation and air force fighter operations.
Commercial Aviation has been at the forefront of human factors research for decades. Why? Because the cost of failure aboard a complex passenger airliner is simply unacceptable. All airline crews are now trained in subjects such as crew resource management, communications, 

The results of human error in your business is also very costly. Operational halts, equipment repair and of course injuries to personnel.

 Human Factors 

  • Understanding physiological limitations

  • Latent biases affecting decision making

  • Communications skills

  • Building a safe culture

 Operational Process 

  • Closed Loop Execution Cycles

  • Briefing and debriefing technique

  • Handling workplace errors

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