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Richardson HPS team solutions aim to embed High Performance Team (HPT) characteristics into your organisation. 

The training uses highly effective and interactive methods used in military flying training, and is designed to strengthen the three pillars of HPTs; Culture, People and Processes. 

Richardson HPS delivers EVERY client a tailored program based on an in-depth training needs analysis. Your unique program is developed from one of three frameworks; Raise The Bar, LeaderShift, and Il Duomo.


'Raise The Bar' is a half day workshop introducing the characteristics and behaviour required in high-performance organisations.

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  'RTB' Training Outcomes:

  • Awareness of high-performance team (HPT) characteristics

  • Awareness of the different roles of a leader

  • Foundation for further learning



'LeaderShift' Bi-weekly workshops conducted over several months. 'LeaderShift' will produce engaged teams who consistently strive for and deliver excellence.

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  'LeaderShift' Training Outcomes:

  • Leadership team behaviour consistent with that required in HPTs

  • Operational processes conducive to constant improvement

  • 'Safe' operating environment promoting high levels of innovation

  • Substantial increase in staff engagement


'Il Duomo' is a 12+ month transformation for business owners who aim to create a permanent culture of excellence. 

Like the Florentine Cathedral after which it is named, 'Il Duomo' aims to build an organisation which is bigger than any one individual or group.

'Il Duomo' has a heavy focus on strengthening and aligning your organisational culture.

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  'Il Duomo' Training Outcomes:

  • Strong and aligned organisational culture

  • Employee behaviour and operational processes consistent with the best in industry

  • Highly motivated and engaged employees

  • High productivity, quality and staff retention

  • Business KPIs showing strong positive trend

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