Richardson HPS is a performance coach for your organisation.

Building the qualities of the world's best teams into your business.

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The Richardson HPS methodology is built from 30 years of leadership experience in high-performance teams combined with extensive research into the world's best organisations.

             Align and strengthen culture

             Refine operational processes

             Build exceptional leaders

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The world's best teams share a set of common characteristics.  It doesn't matter what the team rugby, run a hedge fund or operate a nuclear submarine, the requirements for peak organisational performance remain the same.

Through tailored training packages, Richardson HPS ensures these same characteristics run strong through your organisation.  

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About Richardson HPS

Richardson Human Performance Solutions is based in Hong Kong and specialises in increasing organisational performance through building exceptional workplaces.


Its founder, Jason Richardson, has 30 years of leadership experience including 15 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot and instructor.  Jason currently commands Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft for a major international airline.

"Through Richardson HPS, I hope to bring to your organisation the same levels of motivation and engagement I experienced as a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Being part of a high performance team is incredibly rewarding. When empathetic leaders concentrate on building the right environment, we see the powerful synergy which is the marker of so many world-class organisations. 

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about a tailored program for your organisation. Let's build your exceptional workplace together!"

Jason Richardson

Founder, Richardson HPS