Commit to grow.
Walk into the unknown.
Never, ever give up.

Building exceptional workplaces through tailored training programs.


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Reduce staff turnover
Lower error rates
Increase productivity

RICHARDSON HPS training programs are founded on real world experience in high performance teams and extensive research into the world's best organisations.

Our training is laser focused on delivering
measurable improvement in your workplace. 

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The world's best performing teams share a set of common characteristics. 
Richardson HPS trains and reinforces these characteristics into your business.

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PEOPLE. In elite teams, EVERYONE is expected to be a leader.  The teams utilize flat authority gradients combined with high levels of emotional intelligence and humility. 

PROCESSES. The best organisations in the world set clear and measurable objectives, are highly agile, and have processes which ensure constant and never-ending improvement.  They produce very high quality output, are customer focussed, and enjoy consistently low safety incident rates.

CULTURE. High performance cultures are both strong AND aligned with the organisation's purpose. Often, the business will have its own unique language and traditions which helps shape behaviour at all levels. Because everyone is on 'the same sheet of music', senior managers can delegate with confidence, knowing that junior staff will make high quality decisions. 

Tailored coaching and mentoring packages.

Ex-military accredited coaches lead clients through a process of increased self-awareness and facilitate periods of strong personal growth. Globally, the return on investment from organizational coaching is consistently reported at 500-700%!

Mentoring services provide leaders with valuable and unique perspectives on workplace situations, giving select clients direct access to the decades of leadership experience in Richardson HPS.
...designed for high performers.
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About Richardson HPS

Richardson Human Performance Solutions is based in Hong Kong and specialises in increasing organisational performance through building exceptional workplaces.


Its founder, Jason Richardson, has 30 years of leadership experience including 15 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot and instructor.  Jason currently commands Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft for a major international airline.

"Through Richardson HPS, I hope to bring to your organisation the same levels of motivation and engagement I experienced as a fighter pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force.

Being part of a high performance team is incredibly rewarding. When empathetic leaders concentrate on building the right environment, we see the powerful synergy which is the marker of so many world-class organisations. 

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about a tailored program for your organisation. Let's build your exceptional workplace together!"

Jason Richardson

Founder, Richardson HPS